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Helena Estate Planning Lawyers

When you sit down to discuss your finances, are you confident you understand everything you need to know about keeping your assets in your family? At the law firm of DONEY CROWLEY P.C., with offices in Helena, and Red Lodge, Montana, we provide a full range of services to protect your family from losing your property, savings and other financial assets to probate taxes. We can even show you ways to establish irrevocable and revocable living trusts now, so you can control how your money is distributed while you are alive.

Why You Need an Up-to-Date Will

Most people assume that their assets will remain with their spouse and children upon death. Yes, in most cases the probate courts see it that way, too. But if you don't have a valid will, or your will is years out-of-date, your family runs the risk of placing a probate judge in the position of having to make a decision about the distribution of unnamed assets. Take some time to sit down with one of our estate planning lawyers to review your financial circumstances and the current status of your will. It is especially important to update your will if you have recently had a significant change in your life. Even with a valid will in place, distant relatives may suddenly step forward to claim a legal right to a portion of the estate. If you are facing a contested will dispute after the death of an estate holder, talk to us right away. We provide aggressive, effective representation to protect your family's rights.


A living or testamentary trust is the best way to protect your family's assets from high probate taxes upon your death. By establishing a trust, you can set the terms of distribution to the beneficiaries you name. The trustee you name is legally bound to ensure the terms of the trust are carried out in exact accordance with your final wishes. A living trust allows you to control the distribution of benefits, with you serving as trustee. The money in the trust is held without taxes until distributed. There are several different types of revocable and irrevocable trusts we can help you establish.

Succession Planning

Ranches and farms are incorporated and run as a business. If you are the owner, will your operation move into the hands of a family member? We can help you with the legal details of setting up your business succession plan that coincides with your family's estate preservation goals.

Make estate planning a priority for your family this year. Talk to an attorney at DONEY CROWLEY P.C. From offices in Helena, and Red Lodge, our lawyers represent clients in communities throughout Montana. Contact our office to arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced Helena estate planning attorneys today.

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